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Emulsified Asphalt Ss 1

1180 SS-1 Primer - W. R. Meadows

1180 SS-1 PRIMER is an emulsified asphalt containing selected fillers designed for use as a tack coat for cold and hot mix patching. It is cold applied.

Asphalt Coating: Pavement Sealer, Asphaltic Tack Coats, Prime .

Full line of W. R. Meadows' asphalt coating products, including Asphaltic Tack . 1180 SS-1 Primer DESCRIPTION 1180 SS-1 PRIMER is an emulsified asphalt.

‎‎SS - 1H Emulsion - Reed & Graham, Inc.

Page 1 . the specific grade and type of emulsion to be used. . Tack Coat: A spray application of SS-lH applied to an existing asphalt surface prior to a new.

‎‎Tack Coat Guidelines 1-09.indd - California

2 Apr 2009 . in the emulsion type denotes cationic emulsified asphalt particles. . grades of emulsion, used for tack coats are SS1, SS1h,. CSS1, and CSS1h.

‎‎Asphalt Emulsion Technology - Transportation Research Board

The paper gives an introduction to the chemistry of asphalt emulsion. The role .. TABLE 1 Typical Uses of Emulsion. Anionic. Cationic. RS. MS. SS. RS. MS. SS.

‎‎material safety data sheet - Vance Brothers


‎‎Tack Coat Best Practices - Asphalt Institute

6 Oct 2014 . Diluted Emulsion—an emulsion that has been diluted . Tack Coat Emulsions. Emulsions Used as Tack Coats. SS-1. SS-1h. CSS-1. CSS-1h.

‎‎Asphalt Materials and Uses - the Texas Department of .

AC-5, AC-10, PG 64-22, SS-1, SS-1H, CSS-1, CSS-1H .. For a more in-depth discussion on asphalt emulsion chemistry, the differences between anionic and.

How Tack Coat Improves Your Asphalt Paving ForConstructionPros .

16 Apr 2014 . Research has shown that the use of a hard base asphalt binder in the emulsion (use of SS-1h in lieu of SS-1) sometimes results in an increase.


Page: 1 of 7. 1. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. 1.1 Description. The specification for slow setting (SS) anionic emulsified asphalt applies to liquid asphaltic materials.


PRODUCT: EMULSIFIED ASPHALT. GRADE: SS-1. PRODUCT CODE: 13503. DESCRIPTION: A mixing type emulsion manufactured from soft base asphalt.

Material Safety Data Sheets McAsphalt

Product Group, Related Product Grouping, Product Identifier.

Bitumen, Asphalt,Penetration Grade 80/10, 60/70 , Viscosity Grade .

Bitumen emulsion consists of three basic ingredients: bitumen, water, and an . SS, 57%, 0.10%, 1%, POSITIVE, 20-100, –, –, 60-200, 97.5, CSS-1, SS-1K, ss-k.

Asphalt Emulsions - Definition, Manufacture and Usage - VSS

An Asphalt emulsion is thus Asphalt dispersed through water and chemically .. A slurry of sand and Asphalt emulsion (SS-1 or CMS )can be prepared to the.

Sweet Emulsion – How Asphalt and Water Combine Pavement .

4 Mar 2013 . Sweet Emulsion – How Asphalt and Water Combine . To create an asphalt emulsion, the asphalt and water are blended by a . SS-1, CSS-1.


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